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Winnie the Pooh advent calendar


A picture of my advent calendar...I missed a few days since I shouldn't eat chocolate..I'll let my sister eat it instead...

Scotties penguins sledding


What a fun picture!! I noticed we got new tissue boxes relating to winter season and I found this one with penguins! This was my favourite so I took a picture of it..I like how it's sorta blurry...

Big and small, dumb and curious


Again....except this is a dumb looking penguin XD Woo! I love it's from the same tissue box..

Russell Stover chocolate


Ooohohohoho LOL XD  This a a box of chocolate that I bought for Miss. Tasch but..IT HAS A FREAKKING ALMOND IN ONE OF THE CHOCOLATES.....=_=".......It only cost ten dollars from I'll need to go buy more presents for my family..The wrapping paper background was from Dollarama XP oh well it's still better than my other wrapping papers...

Joanne's room


Very dim room. Probably because I put draped or whatever...I wish it were a brighter and bigger room...Oh well... I still like it because it's blue! =D



Nice berry I made. I didn't have very cutesy paper so this was all I could find.. The berry smells like strawberry marshmallow! :D



First year buying daffodils. They bloomed very quickly, hopefully they don't die so quickly.



Pretty lamp! :D..From IKEA

Bumble bee


So...Umm I'm not sure when I took this or when I finished making this. Well anyways it turned out really nice. I need to find some other tutorials to sew some new things.

The aquatic shade curtains


From IKEA, nice curtains that filter the light. It's really nice and ocean like. There's other parts with fishes and stuff.

The bunny rainbow

08/10/08 Bunnies I made using a tutorial from DeviantArt. Made of felt and ribbons are tied on.

Eat that cake


It's my birthday cake ;D. The honeydew was omg yummy. The cherries tasted like almond. The mango was rough. The cake was a bit hard. The fruit inside was good. A bit too much cream. Looks nice. Might make some clay thing like that.



Rainbow made of smarties XD. Photoshopped to be brighter and drew on smilie faces! (:

Stars and rainbows WHOOSH


Would have looked nicer if I photoshopped it a bit...I took lots of pictures tomorrow with the new camera! Nikon D90 :) Ummm...see those clay things..yeah I made those with the clay shown in the picture below.  So there's some chocolate dessert thing with rainbow things inside, and stars, a lollipop, ice cream, and a tangerine.

The Yay Clay


Don't be fooled by the packaging. It looks kiddish and looks like some dollar store thing, but it was $12. It's very squishy,soft and moist. I don't like using the oven, so this air-drying clay is much better. Sadly, I'll need to go out and buy black. I think they should have had more colours like 2 whites and a black tub.

The lamp post sunrise


I woke up really early on a school day, and found the sun rising. I quickly grabbed the new camera and took this. Wow...the sun rises fast.



More like big sparkle. A memory from the past. Fireworks at Disney. :)