Help the Environment

You know sometimes you can't be bothered with being environment friendly. We like plastic, and we like turning on lights. We're too lazy to help the environment sometimes...

We're lazy, but we can be green too!
Here's a series of tips to help the environment with small steps.

In your bedroom

- Buy a bin, or some type or box, and place it in your room. Put anything recyclable in it.
Example: Toilet paper rolls from your washroom, papers that are no longer needed, water bottles, etc.
Note: You'll be surprised at how many things are recyclable in your room that you would usually throw in the garbage.

- Change 1 lightbulb to a more energy efficient one.
Reason: Sometimes it's better to change one lightbulb at a time. There aren't many lightbulbs in a bedroom(usually), so just change 1 lightbulb whenever you have the time.

-Keep a folder. It can be used to store excess paper.
Example: Left over construction paper from crafts, accidentally printed paper(you cut out the white part and keep it), and other papers you think you can use after wards.
Note: Don't keep too much, or it'll just end up being junk, and you'll forget about it. Whenever you are in need of a paper look in the folder first.

-Keep plastic bags in a shoebox.
Reason: If you don't have one those cloth bags, you can always find a plastic bag in the box to reuse. Or it can be a storage box for your plastic bags from shopping. (I like to keep some for my garbage cans...Although that's not very eco-friendly...)
Note: It might be better to keep thick ones for reusing(e.g. Old Navy bags), and thinner ones for garbage cans(small garbage cans).

In your kitchen

-Keep a bowl, can, jar, container beside your sink.
Reason: When washing fruits, or dealing with fish, or meat you can always compost. Throw all your food mumbo jumbo in your container. It's much more handy that way, instead of bending down and throwing it in your green bin small thing...
Note: I'm not sure if that even has to do with being green, but it's cool ;D

-Don't use the dish washer. AT ALL. Or buy one.
Reason: For all those owners out there, have you guys ever washed dishes? You know washing dishes aren't bad..unless you use 1 bowl stacked on 2 plates. Now that's stupid...what a waste or money and water for washing them. JUST EAT WITH A PLATE OR BOWL. so save water and money and energy and lots of other crap I don't know about and just wash dishes.
Note: You know I hate standing up to wash my dishes. Since I have an Island(it's a counter in the middle of a kitchen) I take one those high chairs, and sit washing my dishes. It's very relaxed. Second note: Please don't leave the tap on when washing dishes. Just wet, soap, rinse. Oh and if you already have a dish washer like me, I just use it place plates and bowls in. I don't keep my dishes in the cupboard apparently...My cupboards are filled with...spices and cups, and food material that's dried out.

-Reuse water from washing vegetables or rice.
Example: Like when you wash leafy greens such as lettuce, or maybe fruits.
Reason: Well how do you reuse it? Really...the water's not going to harm you. You can reuse the water to wash dishes, like if you plug your sink and fill it up. Besides your dishes won't get dirty because you'll be soaping and rinsing them later .

Will be updated with more ideas soon. Please comment on my blog, if you have new ideas too! I will post them up :)