So it's....7:58 right the morning. I just ate breakfast, and I don't feel like finishing my homework...I wasn't even sure if that was the correct pages to complete. Anyways, I'm going to school soon, I just wanted to type in here. Oh, yeah I noticed I got a basketball net in my backyard now. Uhhhhh.....yeah not much to write or  type considering I just woke up. I'll see if I come back later after school. At school: French...I got 92% on my quiz wooh...not really XD noo I meant I did get 92%, just not the woohing part. I think I switched my VRAIs to FAUX, HOW SAD. Language...Language, we learned about metaphors and similies. Very boring. I repeat, very boring. But at least, there wasn't much to do. I just sat there, and raised up my hands a few times to answer questions. MATH MATH MATH x3 no that's not a Xed feline smile. It's "times three". So math....yes, histograms. Learned or rather reviewed histograms. Took up our homework, and got back our quiz/test...whatever I'm not sure. I got 98% on it, but I asked her why I got one of the questions wrong. I was suppose to make a circle graph, which I did perfectly, and I got it wrong. Well anyways, I got the mark changed to a 100%. at junior band, very disappointed that I wasn't doing an ensemble. HMPH. HMPH. Very mad, an I even practiced for it. VERY MAD. UGH NOW THAT I'M TYPING IT AGAIN, IT MAKES ME MADDER. LOL my sister's back-up battery just started ringing like a fire-alarm. WEIRD. Soo continuing my day at school. It's grammar. And my teacher told the other teacher to give us our vocab test. I got 100% yeah..~ History. History. History: too bad we're not learning about war, that would be interesting. Instead, we have to learn about why and how Canada became a country, which I really don't give a crap.  At science, I found it very humorous. no, at recess i got some free snacks from the librarian for helping her. Okay, back to science. We had a supply teacher, my teacher went somewhere :0, so this supply teacher, her English wasn't that great. It was kind of funny to see her yell at people, and stare at them. Very humorous. End up of science..HOME TIME CHOO CHOO. Ran downstiars to get my flute, which I'll play now or practice. And that's about it. Oh on the bus, we hit a curb so it was like WOAH, stumble on my seat. Is that possible? LOL. I played 20-30 mins of basketball. MUST GET TALLER. Drinking/drank soymilk. Homework time. I need to work on the eco poster. tomorrow I'm going to try out for the badminton thing and do my BOPs.


I woke up at 8 today, and I spent 30 minutes in the washroom plucking small hairs off my face XD Isn't that weird. Okay, I woke up all achey too. ]: I'm not going to explain why I didn't post because I just don't. I don't feel like it, I have homework, the site doesn't work, w/e. Hmmm I'll try to find that Taylor swift song, for whoever that commented (: I borrowed a bunch of books from the library yesterday, and I read all of them except one, which is Love, Stargirl. I'm half-way through. Oh yeah, yesterday I finished a book called Gamer Girl, it's pretty cool. I really liked the cover, and that's what led me to borrow it. Oh I ate noodles for breakfast. I change topics pretty quickly huh? A while ago, still today, I was testing this new glaze I got, well my sister bought for me. You have to mix it with acrylic paint. Oh god, the acrylic paint was like smelling poo. I wanted to barf. since I didn't want my mom to ask me why it smells like poo, I just mixed the paint and glaze together really quickly, and painted on a piece of plastic to see how it ends up when it dries. My sister bought me the wrong glaze, so I'll have to go buy some new one. It's pretty nice weather outside, but I don't know if I wanna go outside. I might walk over to my cousin's house later. I'm not sure if I finished my homework, but who cared -_-...I was pretty mad on Thursday because I got an 83% on my vocab test. Stupid test: Match the following  words...encouraging and these give hope, to give someone more confidence and self-esteem. THEY MEAN THE SAME THING. SDFJASIJFIRADAKDAS:KE

Okay, my mom's going out, probably my sister as well once she wakes up. What am I to do. HMMM I'm going to check to see if my paint is dried. Eep, I don't think so. Whatever, I think I'll clean my desk. Maybe I'll edit later, hmmm forgot to bookmark this, since I reformatted my computer. AGH IT STINKS CAUSE I TOUCHED THE PAINT.

Back, and to answer the comment, a month ago or whatever, I bought the clay at Currys. If you want to see some of my clay creations, you can go to my Deviant account.


HMMMM I don't remember the last time I updated . Today's last day of march break and tomorrow I have Saturday school. I'm trying to download some DS game that's exactly like animal crossing! (: It's currently at 8%...and let me tell you something that seems impossible. The dwonloading rate is 4.9KB/sec.

Hic 02/08/2009

I have hic-cups right now. Hmmmm I have to study for my unit test tomorrow -_-........doing mind map right now...sorta anwyays. Agggghhh....I don't wanna go to school. At least there'lll be a holiday soon. I finished reading my I'm going ot read my new book,k Milkweed. Lol sounds liek some drug XD. Mmmmm study ._.

ahem..rub 02/04/2009

Today is extremely cold, although I did not go out for any of the recesses. I didn't know about our Language assignment...and I didn't finish it. Math was I didn't finish my work either..although she's going to mark it. I don't really feel like typing. Art was we're making stamps. I need to write a script...ummm we did this mind map for science. I have  test on Monday...

pooopee 01/30/2009

I think I went to go poo four times today...I just finished my saturday school homework. I think I'll go return my books tomorrow at the library. I wonder where I'll go tomorrow besides school. I can't remember what homework I have. I'll have to check. Yesterday, I stayed at my cousin's house until 3, playing Mahjong, and then watching funny japanese shows on Youtube. Soooo.... tired. I woke up and took a shower...then my cousins came to my house. After that....I went to my autns house. While coming back home, we went to Michaels...although my sister got pissed that I was taking too long because she had to go to school. -_-....maybe I'll go tomorrow and use my coupon. back at home...what did I do? uhhh...I practiced my flute..Yup. That's it. Pretty much pooing.

crses 01/27/2009

What to Still thinking what I'll be...Anyways....I wasn't going to go to school in the afternoon, but I did anyways. Very boring. Band....math test....some high school choosing course presentation...uhh..grammar and science. Ugh have a science test tomorrow. Well at least I have art. Ummm I think I should be studying. Oh I went to the library and got 6 volumes of NANA.


Okay never mind didn't have any poo. Sooo I cooked some frozen cubed potatoes and drank a glass of milk. Now I'm doing my grammar homework. I think I'll finish my math homework later, and practice the flute.

Props 01/24/2009

I was making a finding things for props. Today is very very cold. I went to Saturday school. Then went to this fish selling place pretty far away. My cousins' bought koi, I didn't buy anything cause it was too expensive. LOL the feeder fish was 14 cents though! 8D! Then I went back to my cousins' house and played little big planet for....a few hours. Finally know how to play. And then I went home. For my props for drama I made: paper bread XD, and a smoking pipe. I found a mini frying pan, a jug and glass, knitting needles and yarn, baby clothes, and I still need cheese. I think I'll use sterophone balls for that. Maybe I'll buy bigger ones at dollar store or w/e. Oh I also have a lightning bolt.

Greensleeves 01/23/2009

That was what I was just playing. Sounds like some medieval theme or something. So today we had language where we spent the whole period writing fairy tales. I like rewrote my ending 2 times. Then math....where we took up homework and completed homework. we had a supply teacher. Anyways...french all we did was work on our worksheets. Then at recess I went for library helping. Music...I finished BOP 22. After school, I ate spaghetti, and went over to my cousins' house and finished my Saturday school homework. I'm going to go check if I have an library books ready for me to take out.