There's glue stuck onmy fingers. Okay tomorrow I have a math test. Today is Mothers day. Reallly...I'm not going to bother with sentence structure. Yesterday, we had a small party, and stayed up I ended up waking up late today. I woke up and washed my hair and stuff. I finished reading Lovely Complex Volume 5 after that. My mom cooked me noodles...but I don't like eating that type. MMMM I know, me mean. I mean it's Mothers Day, right? let's see....Played computer. Uhhh I'm not sure what else happened. I did chores...changed my bedspread and duvet. Vacuumed my room. Oh OH YEAH. I WAS DRINKING SEAWEED SOUP, AND I ATE A POTATO BUG. !@#%$ DISGUSTING! BLEH BLEH. Good thing I didn't swallow it. Now I need to study for my science test, hence the title procrastinating because that's what I'm doing. Oh and I gave my mom a card that I made, I'm planning to make a present for her birthday, which is REALLY soon. Okay... need to study. Study. Study...-turns into zombie study-



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