omfg, tired. 05/07/2009

Ugh. Homework. I'm really tired. it's already 11 right now. Today, I've been playing my instrument for a long long long time. In the morning I had to play. After recess I had math, which I had to endure a math lesson, and hand in my eco poster. After lunch, recess. I think I went outside, I'm not sure. See? Tired-memory loss. Anyways, played music again....and had to go bac kto french class. We were given word searches in which you had to compelte math + french together, torture. Recess....I went to the park. Music....too tired to play, so people in band got to rest. I folded pamphlets, and marked theory tests. At the end of the day, I had to line up for the bus. LOTS AND LOTS OF HOMEWORK. oh, and then went bac kto school at 6 to play instrument AGAIN. Until 8:30. tired tired. Now I need to finish my homework. And tomorrow I have drama, I'm not sure I even remember my lines. UGH. I don't know if I have science homework either. So sad..



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