Erm. homeworking 05/13/2009

I was riding the bus home today. Okay, i just had to write this...type. This kid had a thing on the side of his ear...I'm not sure what if was, but it was round like a was part of his skin. I just wanted to cut it off because it was sticking out. Oh and he was playing double 0 7, ad he was pointing a pistol. And you know how you point out two fingers...yeah he like used it to scratch/pick his nose. Funny. Okay...mmmmee homeworking. I had a math test in the morning, which was okay. I got one of the questions wrong. And then...I did the Gauss math contest. I'm not sure how I did on that. We had health, but we went outside. In total, I calculated we ran 1400m. Or 1.4km. Music...I helped my friend with a BOP, and I got the Enrichment band music. Looks hard. Some notes go up to like HIGH, that I don't even know. Lastly, I had a history test, which was long and hard. LOL THAT SOUNDED WRONG. It was quite difficult. I need to go to badminton tomorrow. Okay back to homework. I will continue this after I'm done. Done. I need to go wash my hair. :/

Stupid centipedes.



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