Oh yeah, I was trying out blog spot the other day, but it was tooo complicated, or rather i was too lazy because it had so many functions. I made an account anyways, but whatever. Today was hot. Like nice weather hot, but still hot. I went early to school to play badminton. It was fun :D After that, I went to milliken mills high school. The people there gave us introductions and what not, I had to stand ): Ummm....yeah that lasted awhile, and we split off into groups to take a tour of the school. At the end, we ate freezies. Okay back at school....we skipped junior band to work on our eco-poster, which we didn't finish even after the recess was over. So..health, yup. HIV AND AIDS XD lol, easy worksheet. We went out to do relays, I thought I was doing okay, but I think I slowed down at the end, so I didn't make it. I think I was maybe...I dunno...8th? lol. At music, well not so great. I needed to do BOPs, but it was a solo so I spent the whole time picking out songs. They were hard! Lastly, history. History was okay. Quiet and nice. Back at home, my friend came over so we could finish the poster. We spent until & something to finish and type out something. So it took WAAAAYYY LONG. and that's why I need a break. I'm tired.



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