Let's see...Woke up...ate noodles. Watched how it's made..Played on computer. I wanna go to Currys. Need to go to library too. Uhh I wonder where I can download anime to put in my ipod...my computer's too slow. The download stops halfway -_-"  It's almost New Years. I don't wanna go back to school...
(>'0'>)  < NOOOOO! )
Hmmm I'll see if I caqn go over to my cousins' house. Someone tell me where to download videos for my iPod...(:

Choochoooo :) 12/28/2008

No posts for a while. I've been partying and going over to my relatives. Gosh, today is super windy. Going to have to clean the house and stuff. Not much to say. We went to watch movie on boxing day. I didn;t get my friends gifts... ;0 LOL I will soon. Oh no, I have to memorize lines for drama... Mmmmm. Yup.


3 days until Christmas. I will go buy gifts.  ZOOMZOOM


I don't know if I should be happy or moody.......I couldn't go to the ensemble today. I didn't go out for any of the recesses. Language was pretty boring. Math was boring. Health was boring. Music was okay. Geogrpahy was boring. My day was boring. The bus came a bit late. I need transportation. I need to buy presents. I need a cleaner kitchen. The house is a mess. I need to go shopping. I need to go to the library. I need to clean my washroom. I need to find my water bottle. I need to buy a new waterbottle. I don't want to go supermarket shopping. I need exercise. I need boots. Ugh.

I finished BOP 19. There's a crack on the wall....................

Friday, please come...I miss you sooo


HELLO. The road is icy...hmm....I went for ensembles today. I have no homework today... I wish it was friday..boo hoo. We had art today...Tomorrow we have music. What else was I going to say. Not much. toodles. We always have DVPA inside now. I don't get to go out much. Getting fat...We did secret santa at the end of the day. I can't wait until holidays X3

mmmm I think I'll make two sandwiches for luch tomorrow. Washing clothes right now. I made a little pocket for my iPod. MUKYAAHHH... ~*~*~CHRSTMAS~*~*~

Fuuu~ Holidays please come!


Selling candy canes for 75 cents. Buy them! Uhhh I didn't finish my math homework. I wonder if I have band tomorrow. Need to exercise....I practiced my music after school. It snowed a lot yesterday. A LOT. It rained today. I didn't go outside for any of the recesses because RMAC, band and then library helpers. I spilled highlighter all over my bed..gosh. You should use metal sharpeners instead of plastic ones. They're more durable and recyclable. I like to put my feet on the table. I need to go to the library. All the books I held are gone ): Boo hoo. Christmas christmas ^o^ HOHOHOHO~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~


I have lots of homework. Gotta work.


Today our school walked to milliken mills for some transition thing......uhh it was very cold and slushy today. Yup. :| Uhhh we sat on our bums a lot today. It was kinda boring. We ate lunch in the gym. Mmm Hmmm..........Dah..book talk ): noooo...whatever. I'm tired. Ohhh.. gotta check my library stuff..