Today we went out for tea. We picked up Ricky and visited Eva's house. Then we went out. It was pretty long. We couldn't leave because my dad went to pick up Amy. WE walked back to their house. Eva's friend was such a bitch lol. We played Ridge Racer and Call of Duty 3 on PS3. Then we watched the chocolate factory and played some flicking game. WE drove ricky and grand ma back. I was hungry so mom cooked me some noodles.


Uhhh...didn't post for a slept other for two days. I made my stain glass bottle thing...making things for scrapbook...Also still doing commissions on subeta....We're going out to eat for breakfast. We shopped at the plaza where we ate and Andy came back to get his bag. Soon his parents came to pick him up.

The day after 12/27/2007

I was gonna wake up early but I didn't...uhhh I played maplestory and did the usual internet stuff. So..I'm just gonna do some scrapbook stuff or something. I made a page for scrapbook and Andrew came over.

BOCK DAY 12/26/2007

lol...umm...soo...I accidentally fell asleep with lights on and glasses. WE spent half the day looking for my supercard. Found it in Andy's Ds...umm...I made a drawing with my tablet. I did some commisions on subeta.


Merry Christmas any one or everyone who's reading this! I just woke up and put presents for my parents and sister. Well party's over! Summary: Andy came, Jeffrey, and then some other people. We played on the computer and versed on psp and DS. We played heat the soul 3 and Mario cart on the systems. We played cranium twice, opened gifts too. I got so many art supplies!! Luckily Amy got me slippers! Ummm...Jeffrey was my secret santa lol. I opened my tablet too! So messy now, and I can't find my supercard! D=< Stupid annoying kids who came. Such mofos! D=<

Christmas Eve 12/24/2007

*sigh* It's christmas eve that means I get to open my presents tomorrow. I went shopping and brought ANTI VIRUS! And a calendar..yesterday I downloaded WoW BUT STUPID COMPUTER DIDN'T HAVE ENOUGH RAM. I received a lot of presents from my friends. We had our pot luck. So now I'm gonna download anti-virus and yeah...I was really mad and lazy so I didn't post for a couple of days. I also saw Teresa at Costco today! I just remembered I entered for Beauty contest on neopets. So I hope everyone votes! Link:
My WoW isn't working...and I'm really sleepy..

~*~*~snow~*~*~ 12/16/2007

When I woke up today, it snowing cloudy bits of snow. And it was snowing a lot. I played computer..ate and stuff. Shoveled the driveway for an hour with my mom, dad, and sister. Ate some more. Watched Meet the Robinsons on satellite..NOW I GOT SOME FREAKING ASS VIRUS ON MY COMPUTER FROM MSN. DAMMIT! D=<


Woke up very late. Played on computer. Played maplestory. Cousin came over. Ate BIG chicken. Hoping to play cranium but didn't. Ran 30 min on running machine. Lost only 175 calories..Leg hurts now. Watched gintama ep 44. Entered for beauty contest in neopets.


Today was super windy! The wind hurt bitterly. At school we presented our bridge and got..82 or 84% .. umm at lunch recess we had a mini snowball fight. 3 vs.1 XD lol. When I came back home, my parents gave me a surprise! They bought me a tablet! Whoo! YAY! X3 ummm...but I don't have like good graphics program..oh well I'll have to wait til christmas to open it..=3. My cousin just came over and left.


Today was very cold and windy. It snowed a lot too. I did french presentation and we were gonna do the bridge one too but the bell rang for home time. Ahh...tomorrow we shall present our bridge. She stood and the others' bridges. I hope ours' doesn't break..That's about it...Good luck to me on the bridge! One more thing! I got an 4+ on french! *thumbs up, shiny eyes XD*