dadada dooo lots of homework. HMMMMMMM smiley faces on cubes. I need to study for geo and do language hoemwork. Then type my scrapbook things. Getting report card tomorrow. LLALALALAAAAAAAA TRA-LA-LA


It was raining in the morning and windy. I thought my umbrella would flip. :0 We went on a  some encore band...and yeah listened to music. The seat seemed like slanted...I was sitting in the front, but then they moved me to the back and then the second last row. It was hard to sleep because the bench thing wasn't very...comfy. We had band today for woodwinds. In geography we watched holes. At last recess we went for library helping. I need to study for my french test and complete some music sheet. Yep...


HMMMMMMMMM.....what should I type? Today...umm. I HAVE NO HOMEWORK. OMFG I'm so happy this past weekend without homework. Oh the stress lol XD mmmmmmmmmm.......I began my day with not hearing my alarm clock...I wonder why.. I went to school....then I went for the remembrance day assembly x2. . . uhhhh ate pizza lunch...then went for band to practice our new we performed during the assembly it was MEGA FAST. Then I had language...we got to go outside for once. Well grammar...and then geography. Which we did a binder check...I got 10/10! Mmmm I helped out at last recess for the library lots of dots. Then science where I got back my math mark..ugh 89%...but for science it was 93%. She said my average was 95%...I'm not so sure abut that...We started a new unit in science. I hope we get to go to that science fair we went to last year. It was fun XD yep...that's how my day ended. Well at school for the least. After school hmmmmmmmmmm I spent a long time watching TV I'm not sure what I did...I assume we don't have any homework...but I'll check again later. I wonder why I always type"like" to words but never when I talk. Need to talk a shower later...Oh yeah this is what I did...I went on the computer and requested a lot of books for the library. I think I held 7 books. Teehee...gosh for some of the books I'm like 37th in line NOOOOO........ah welll I think I'll go now. Jaaaa.........

Ah yes, ummm I forgot what your name was...or your alias sooo I'm going to call you ummm....Noi LOLS. Anyways I read your comments XD Thanks for commenting! My legs hurt because I did like mad running last week...soo yeah. (:
I hope you know i'm talking to you!


uhhh so...not much's Friday...played catch at recess. not much to talk about...lazy. Dah... >-< I ate smarties. I missed the bus doing a language test. I'm hungry and my head is itchy. My legs still hurt.I forgot to look at my test mark for reading assignment D:

Legs hurt. Hm mm 11/06/2008

My legs hurt. I got my yearbook today ;D Ummm I had Gym and my legs hurt now...I typed out my french. We had band today. I'm being the MC for the assembly. Uhhhh....yeah I got my BOP 11 today. Took out my instrument. I looked at fliers.... that's it..Oh mom took my DS away. Gotta work on some french homework. Legs hurt ): Gwah...can't wait til we get our report cards. Hmmm I wonder when I'll get the new books I ordered. Doo doo doo..homework.  mm not much to write...ah I watched some aniem today; Nodame Cantabile: paris-Hen episode 4 (: yay..~ Anyone know what the shortcut key is to make an accent e for frenh? I'll go search it up...


The most randomest titles lol XD Sooo today it was foggy in the morning as well. It was really warm today. We read about African American people migrating and such in Language... Oh and Obama won the election. Then I had a math test...although it wasn't really hard...Oh I finished BOP 10 today. At recess I went to do some library helping. After, we had history but we made a mess in the music room so we got called back. Mmmm yep that's it..I practiced for band. We're having our assembly on tuesday. So tomorrow's the last practice. Yeah I was just drinking some Sunkist Lemon juice fizzy stuff that my mom got for free from the supermarket. I think I should work on my french later...Oh my new DS games are pretty cool. I like the Ninja Town one better though XD Mmm yep pretty long entry (:


It's my birthday today. I finally come back to see my site finally works again. I will be posting whenever I have time. You should also check out my other site...which I forgot the link but it's on Freewebs and it's called LemonSmile. I think the layouts here are better XD. Umm....oh I got some new DS games. Ate a gift card. Did a sicence presentation today...and science test. It was foggy in the morning. Not much going on. Maintaining lunch I often get one to tal kto at all. Oh wells. Going to sleep soon.