Uhh yesterday went to my cousin's birthday X3 Uhh it was really fun we played wii and poker. Too bad we didn't play cranium. So today I woke up pretty late and ate a pork bun. then I went outside to take some pictures which I'll upload later because I need to take more first. I have to go clean my washroom later, it's getting dirty.


Downloaded new firefox with cool theme. I want a new computer, but I know I shouldn't be greedy. Eating soemthing right now...Going to birthday party tomorrow...ummm so..I finished doing my french project, such a relief! Oh yeah, I helped out with jump rope for heart today. Not done watching freedom writers. Were watching like antoher movie later for history. going bowling on Monday!! Need to exercise...I hope there isn't a science test...Hmm I wonder if we get to go utside for music. Getting some music. I think I need a phone.


Ugh. I have like two tests tomorrow and on Friday. Plus the part that my French assignment is also due. T^T I'm going to die!...............Studying for science right now...I think the test is tomorrow. Then I have to study math cause I'm not sure I understand some of the things. I know I shouldn't be on right now, but I'm like that. Well after the weekends it's going to heaven! I'm going bowling too. Whoops shouldn't have said that...well that's it for now. My park is totally not done. Gosh...~-~

9 days 06/15/2008

Very lazy indeed. So not going to mention what happened on those days that I didn't write. So what happen yesterday? Well I trying to cut something with like super sharp knives that  can just slice through cardboard. And I ended up cutting myself...BLOOODD.......and then I couldn't see things and I started hearing something....kinda scary...so yeah i can't use my thumb to press space bar...I have to finish my exposition...so yeah gotta do that and also not get so tanned.

Cooked alive 06/06/2008

Today was like BAJEWWWW ZEUM ZEUM HOOTTTTT. Burning outside. Glad I brought a fan to coll myself. Then sat in front of the fan in science too. It was an okay day, I mean french made it a bit better. It was a somewhat nice day...I mean I liked the weather cause SUMMER...Ate like popsicle and everything. Got some homework. Can't believe were not going to Quebec in grade 8. I'm going ot make my mom write a note for me. Gotta do science questions...watching movie and signing up for Saturday school tomorrow. I got like a Waldo book a few days ago. It's great!! I'm playing chekcers online with my friend right now. It cooled down now, but the A/C's still on.