Hmmm dusty. Oh yes. I woke up in the morning and went for badminton. Hoping I'll do my BOP tomorrow. In the first 2 periods, it was suppose to be language and then math, but we had language for both '^'

French is so boring \: I liked it better when all we had to do in class was do word searches. Now we have ot actually do french work. God. Annoying.

Art...yeah, I got really frustrated because the stupid marker wouldn't colour fast enough. It was those fineliners. And I was colouring with it on a HUGE piece of paper -dies-
Science.....I was science. Let's not talk about it.
Hom. Hom right now. I assume it's even hotter right now. Tomorrow will be even hotter. I don't know what to wear :\

I have short shorts...but I don't see anyone wearing those...and I have gym shorts...but they're bright pink..which I'm wearing right now. I don't think I have any homework...I'll just go put more songs in my iPod.

I wonder if I'll get a phone...probably not though because I just won't. Oh well.


I was riding the bus home today. Okay, i just had to write this...type. This kid had a thing on the side of his ear...I'm not sure what if was, but it was round like a was part of his skin. I just wanted to cut it off because it was sticking out. Oh and he was playing double 0 7, ad he was pointing a pistol. And you know how you point out two fingers...yeah he like used it to scratch/pick his nose. Funny. Okay...mmmmee homeworking. I had a math test in the morning, which was okay. I got one of the questions wrong. And then...I did the Gauss math contest. I'm not sure how I did on that. We had health, but we went outside. In total, I calculated we ran 1400m. Or 1.4km. Music...I helped my friend with a BOP, and I got the Enrichment band music. Looks hard. Some notes go up to like HIGH, that I don't even know. Lastly, I had a history test, which was long and hard. LOL THAT SOUNDED WRONG. It was quite difficult. I need to go to badminton tomorrow. Okay back to homework. I will continue this after I'm done. Done. I need to go wash my hair. :/

Stupid centipedes.


Doo dooo studying for history.


There's glue stuck onmy fingers. Okay tomorrow I have a math test. Today is Mothers day. Reallly...I'm not going to bother with sentence structure. Yesterday, we had a small party, and stayed up I ended up waking up late today. I woke up and washed my hair and stuff. I finished reading Lovely Complex Volume 5 after that. My mom cooked me noodles...but I don't like eating that type. MMMM I know, me mean. I mean it's Mothers Day, right? let's see....Played computer. Uhhh I'm not sure what else happened. I did chores...changed my bedspread and duvet. Vacuumed my room. Oh OH YEAH. I WAS DRINKING SEAWEED SOUP, AND I ATE A POTATO BUG. !@#%$ DISGUSTING! BLEH BLEH. Good thing I didn't swallow it. Now I need to study for my science test, hence the title procrastinating because that's what I'm doing. Oh and I gave my mom a card that I made, I'm planning to make a present for her birthday, which is REALLY soon. Okay... need to study. Study. Study...-turns into zombie study-


My leg and arm hurts. I'm tired I don't wanna type.


Ugh. Homework. I'm really tired. it's already 11 right now. Today, I've been playing my instrument for a long long long time. In the morning I had to play. After recess I had math, which I had to endure a math lesson, and hand in my eco poster. After lunch, recess. I think I went outside, I'm not sure. See? Tired-memory loss. Anyways, played music again....and had to go bac kto french class. We were given word searches in which you had to compelte math + french together, torture. Recess....I went to the park. Music....too tired to play, so people in band got to rest. I folded pamphlets, and marked theory tests. At the end of the day, I had to line up for the bus. LOTS AND LOTS OF HOMEWORK. oh, and then went bac kto school at 6 to play instrument AGAIN. Until 8:30. tired tired. Now I need to finish my homework. And tomorrow I have drama, I'm not sure I even remember my lines. UGH. I don't know if I have science homework either. So sad..


Oh yeah, I was trying out blog spot the other day, but it was tooo complicated, or rather i was too lazy because it had so many functions. I made an account anyways, but whatever. Today was hot. Like nice weather hot, but still hot. I went early to school to play badminton. It was fun :D After that, I went to milliken mills high school. The people there gave us introductions and what not, I had to stand ): Ummm....yeah that lasted awhile, and we split off into groups to take a tour of the school. At the end, we ate freezies. Okay back at school....we skipped junior band to work on our eco-poster, which we didn't finish even after the recess was over., yup. HIV AND AIDS XD lol, easy worksheet. We went out to do relays, I thought I was doing okay, but I think I slowed down at the end, so I didn't make it. I think I was maybe...I dunno...8th? lol. At music, well not so great. I needed to do BOPs, but it was a solo so I spent the whole time picking out songs. They were hard! Lastly, history. History was okay. Quiet and nice. Back at home, my friend came over so we could finish the poster. We spent until & something to finish and type out something. So it took WAAAAYYY LONG. and that's why I need a break. I'm tired.



I need to go to school early, at 8.
I need breakfast, where is it? :|
Type type type. Click.

What the hell was that, a poem? XD Anyways...oh, I don't have much to say. I throat sort of hurts...Not really. Whatever. Go to go, bye.


So it's....7:58 right the morning. I just ate breakfast, and I don't feel like finishing my homework...I wasn't even sure if that was the correct pages to complete. Anyways, I'm going to school soon, I just wanted to type in here. Oh, yeah I noticed I got a basketball net in my backyard now. Uhhhhh.....yeah not much to write or  type considering I just woke up. I'll see if I come back later after school. At school: French...I got 92% on my quiz wooh...not really XD noo I meant I did get 92%, just not the woohing part. I think I switched my VRAIs to FAUX, HOW SAD. Language...Language, we learned about metaphors and similies. Very boring. I repeat, very boring. But at least, there wasn't much to do. I just sat there, and raised up my hands a few times to answer questions. MATH MATH MATH x3 no that's not a Xed feline smile. It's "times three". So math....yes, histograms. Learned or rather reviewed histograms. Took up our homework, and got back our quiz/test...whatever I'm not sure. I got 98% on it, but I asked her why I got one of the questions wrong. I was suppose to make a circle graph, which I did perfectly, and I got it wrong. Well anyways, I got the mark changed to a 100%. at junior band, very disappointed that I wasn't doing an ensemble. HMPH. HMPH. Very mad, an I even practiced for it. VERY MAD. UGH NOW THAT I'M TYPING IT AGAIN, IT MAKES ME MADDER. LOL my sister's back-up battery just started ringing like a fire-alarm. WEIRD. Soo continuing my day at school. It's grammar. And my teacher told the other teacher to give us our vocab test. I got 100% yeah..~ History. History. History: too bad we're not learning about war, that would be interesting. Instead, we have to learn about why and how Canada became a country, which I really don't give a crap.  At science, I found it very humorous. no, at recess i got some free snacks from the librarian for helping her. Okay, back to science. We had a supply teacher, my teacher went somewhere :0, so this supply teacher, her English wasn't that great. It was kind of funny to see her yell at people, and stare at them. Very humorous. End up of science..HOME TIME CHOO CHOO. Ran downstiars to get my flute, which I'll play now or practice. And that's about it. Oh on the bus, we hit a curb so it was like WOAH, stumble on my seat. Is that possible? LOL. I played 20-30 mins of basketball. MUST GET TALLER. Drinking/drank soymilk. Homework time. I need to work on the eco poster. tomorrow I'm going to try out for the badminton thing and do my BOPs.