I'm still doing my saturday school homework. Should have woke up earlier then I could have gone to the SUPERSTORE XD....kinda cold since I'm wearing shorts. Haven't eaten anything yet....edit later I guess. I'm going to see if I can play maplestory. I went to saturday school and like got our report cards. I went to the Superstore and then to this jewellery shop thing. I think were having a BBQ tomorrow but then I'm not sure if I'm going to go work on homework with someone. I was playing ace attorney. I can't believe i finished the first game already. The second one is like so much harder.. gosh...OH I'm going to make a game section for all recommended games!!!


Ooo kinda cold right now. I'm suppose to do my science but I'm not feeling it. I got like so many reading journals to do...Going to staples tomorrow to buy some stuff for french project. Guess I should like do some homework. So I really don't remember what I did today XD

T^T 05/26/2008


Fuzzy pencil 05/25/2008

My sister went to wonderland today, woke up really early. And she ate all my frozen meals TOO...D:< Well here I am soo I went to the park today and road on the bike. OMG I saw like this nasty big spider on the monkey bars SCARY...soo now I'm home. With a pencil that I wrapped with pipe cleaners...I'm trying to do a reading journal but too lazy. Gotta check what homework I have.

OMG....so..hmm 05/24/2008

Gotta go to saturday school now. Just finished math homework. Eating last gobstopper. Really cold. So yeah...I'll update more things later. Been playing maplestory, lvl 90. I went over to Andy's house today, to play wii. Gotta do some math homework now. Also editing the site, probably update graphics page.


HMMM let's see. Well I we had like two science tests today OMG...and then I went to nofrills and bought pipe cleaners, gobstoppers and COLGATE TOOTHPASTE. IT'S WATERMELON,  WITH A WATERMELON MAN ON IT AND IT'S 2 IN 1 WITH TOOTHPASTE AND MOUTHWASH. Got some ath from Saturday school...I can't hear properly right now...LALALALA. By the way, I changed the font size.