Hic 02/08/2009

I have hic-cups right now. Hmmmm I have to study for my unit test tomorrow -_-........doing mind map right now...sorta anwyays. Agggghhh....I don't wanna go to school. At least there'lll be a holiday soon. I finished reading my manga...now I'm going ot read my new book,k Milkweed. Lol sounds liek some drug XD. Mmmmm study ._.

ahem..rub 02/04/2009

Today is extremely cold, although I did not go out for any of the recesses. I didn't know about our Language assignment...and I didn't finish it. Math was boring.French...lol... I didn't finish my work either..although she's going to mark it. I don't really feel like typing. Art was okay....like we're making stamps. I need to write a script...ummm we did this mind map for science. I have  test on Monday...