pooopee 01/30/2009

I think I went to go poo four times today...I just finished my saturday school homework. I think I'll go return my books tomorrow at the library. I wonder where I'll go tomorrow besides school. I can't remember what homework I have. I'll have to check. Yesterday, I stayed at my cousin's house until 3, playing Mahjong, and then watching funny japanese shows on Youtube. Soooo.... tired. I woke up and took a shower...then my cousins came to my house. After that....I went to my autns house. While coming back home, we went to Michaels...although my sister got pissed that I was taking too long because she had to go to school. -_-....maybe I'll go tomorrow and use my coupon. Oh...so back at home...what did I do? uhhh...I practiced my flute..Yup. That's it. Pretty much pooing.

crses 01/27/2009

What to take....business.....arts. Still thinking what I'll be...Anyways....I wasn't going to go to school in the afternoon, but I did anyways. Very boring. Band....math test....some high school choosing course presentation...uhh..grammar and science. Ugh have a science test tomorrow. Well at least I have art. Ummm I think I should be studying. Oh I went to the library and got 6 volumes of NANA.


Okay never mind didn't have any poo. Sooo I cooked some frozen cubed potatoes and drank a glass of milk. Now I'm doing my grammar homework. I think I'll finish my math homework later, and practice the flute.

Props 01/24/2009

I was making a finding things for props. Today is very very cold. I went to Saturday school. Then went to this fish selling place pretty far away. My cousins' bought koi, I didn't buy anything cause it was too expensive. LOL the feeder fish was 14 cents though! 8D! Then I went back to my cousins' house and played little big planet for....a few hours. Finally know how to play. And then I went home. For my props for drama I made: paper bread XD, and a smoking pipe. I found a mini frying pan, a jug and glass, knitting needles and yarn, baby clothes, and I still need cheese. I think I'll use sterophone balls for that. Maybe I'll buy bigger ones at dollar store or w/e. Oh I also have a lightning bolt.

Greensleeves 01/23/2009

That was what I was just playing. Sounds like some medieval theme or something. So today we had language where we spent the whole period writing fairy tales. I like rewrote my ending 2 times. Then math....where we took up homework and completed homework. Gym...lol we had a supply teacher. Anyways...french all we did was work on our worksheets. Then at recess I went for library helping. Music...I finished BOP 22. After school, I ate spaghetti, and went over to my cousins' house and finished my Saturday school homework. I'm going to go check if I have an library books ready for me to take out.


Hmm I just realized I have a test on Thursday. Oooh i just finished my science. During recess it was snowing soo badly...:sigh: Uhhh today wasn't bad. Tomorrow's going to be nice. Only 1 period of language. Math is soo easy so it doesn't matter really...then we have french...which is like okay now. Use to be fun because we had a better teacher. Anyways after french we have art, lol, art is always easy. Mmmmm then science...which is when we present our project. Gosh mine is like mechanical advantage 0.

-_-....at least I got it done XD

Off to read or something.


I was just humming a song. So today...back to school. Meh....too much language homework. I hate language. Oh we skipped math, and had math during drama. Uhhh french was very boring too. The new teacher's weird. Uhhh scinece....hmmm we did these booklet things. Tomorrow we're going to have a test, which we were suppose to have today. Our project due date was posted-pone to Wednesday, which is good because I can make adjustments if I want. U


Ookay. Lol funny how we communicate by commenting on each other's blog...Today...ANGRY DAY. Gosh I woke up so angry, and now I'm still angry. Sometimes I'm just angry okay? I had to finish my science project today, although it's due Tuesday, I need to ask the teacher something, so I finished it first...w/e Uhhhhhh my parents went out to eat, while I sat at home being grumbly and mad. They came home with breakfast...and I ate that. Then I yelled at my dad for watching TV and not helping me do my homework, so I made him go with me to buy stuff. Apparently, those 2 dollars and something for the pulleys I bought at home depot are USELESS for carrying 1kg. So we went to Rona. Their pulleys are like x3 the price....off to mastermind. Wow....toys lol....so I ask the lady if they had anything on pulleys....great....Knex set with pulleys and leers, just what I needed. HMMM....they're plastic? Gosh, I need to carry a load of 1kg. Trust me, you will not believe how hard it is to pull up a 1kg mass. It's easier just using you hands, trust me. So after that, we had to go drive my sister to some person's house for homework. OH did I mention? I got really mad at Rona....ugh...I don't know why it irritated me so much. My dad was on the phone for what seemed like eternity. And he kept walking and walking, talking and walking even faster. We keep walking in circles, and looked at these little chimney tops. Gosh...so after Masterminds we go to Canadian Tires. My dad had to go to washroom, I don't know if he tried to signal me to go find pulleys or wait for him there. W/e I walked around to see if I could find pulleys. I didn't, so now I look like a doofus at Canadian Tires. I pretend I'm reading a flyer, looking at water bottles. So I go around for 2 circles, before I finally find the pulley section. When I look down from the hanging sign at the top, I see my dad crouched there looking at them. God, he wasn't even trying to look for me. He wasn't even worried that I was lost ): Hmph, so we buy like 3 pulleys and rope. Okay too much typing so, I'll just say, my project is finished. But I'm mad because I'm studying for my science test, and I happen to read: Fixed pulleys only change direction of force, they only have a mechanical advantage of 1. CRAP FUCK SHIT


You see? School's started, and what you find is me no posting for a week. So sad. Too much homework..tests already. Gosh....I'm eating candycane right now. Oh I read so many books :) I also borrowed a lot of them. Need to practice my flute, and science project.

Hard work 01/04/2009

Mmmm I got too lazy today..I didn't want to wake up. I was telling myself...oh god today's the last day of holidays..might as well sleep more before tomorrow. Uhhh I just ate my sandwich. Now I'm memorizing my drama lines...I wonder if we have more homework. No one seems to be online these days...So...maybe I'll go update some things like the Graphics section. I plan on visiting my cousin today, and going shopping.

I went to my cousins'  house, but I didn't go shopping. I helped him with homework. We painted an ocean thing, and made palm trees. Ummm reading Confessions of a Shopaholic. I drew picture...I think that's it. Need to pack up for school tomorrow. Gosh..I hate it.