Ok..let's see....I was suppose to go swimming to day and I didn't go. I made a toast plushie XD...took like the longest time..I also drew something, it's on my DA. Not much...kinda tired gonna go to sleep...Have to study for french quiz.


What have I been doing lately...Well anyways I'm trying to do my mindmap on the computer but can't print it yet...I still have to write my narrative. Not much to write..I hate Mr.Jackson. He gave me a 70% on my playing test. I'm gonna kill him. Today we got a supply teacher. Hehe well supply for art. Chinese old man. Oh yeah, today's Diane's birthday.

Hmm..suspicious 01/18/2008

I already know!! Whoever's reading this! Anyways....it's the weekends finally and umm yeah. Today at school we got hot chocolate from Miss.Tasch. Not much to say. Gotta do my homework.


So, I went in morning for BOPs today but there weren't any flutes..'-'uhhh... we had DVPA...and drama. I didn't present yet..then gym..and science we got to touch rocks and stuff..Ate lots of stuff after school. Need to exercise =P

Forget and thing 01/15/2008

Entries been pretty short lately.. I have to study my french because tomorrow I have a test. My scholastic finally came. Ummmm...playing test next week -_-.....I forgot my sketchpad at school. Why do I keep forgetting things. Dammit...Ohss..off to study!~

Yum 01/14/2008

Let's see...math test today..french quiz too. Woo..music -_-...Need to do mind map.

!@#$% it. 01/12/2008

-_-...I left my science at school. Shuddup.


Our bus driver wouldn't let us get off the bus XD...we got to stain our titanic journals today. WE also had our little pizza party today. I got my science test mark back today, 94%, HIGHEST YO! XD Umm I made a very pretty mind map for science and yeah...Diane just showed my a very scary picture! Much homework but I finished it. Tomorrow=quiz for french. At least it's at the end of the day. 


Omg I have so much homework. Well technically I don't but it's hard. I can't seem to get the french right...I think I'll have to do my titanic journal over again.

Back and go 01/07/2008

It's 7:33 right now..a.m. I have to go to school soon. Don't know why there's blood from my nose but not a lot. I haven't got to posting much because I was at Andy's. It was much more fun staying there than here because we got to play computer (me-sims) and we played trauma center new blood on wii. We're almost finished the game! I think it's the last part but we couldn't finish it...Baba and mama are coming back today :) I got an 82% for geography and 86% for math...crap. I forgot my agenda and my music at school. D=<